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Since April 2022, the Francophone Studies Program of the University of South Carolina has been administering the DELF (Diplôme d'études en langue française) on the B1 and B2 levels, achieving an overall 80% success rate.


2023 Exam Dates:

  • Tuesday, December 12: B1

  • Wednesday, December 13: B2

2024 Exam Dates:

  • Tuesday, April 9: B1

  • Wednesday, April 10: B2

  • Tuesday, December 10: B1

  • Wednesday, December 11: B2

Exams are scheduled on the USC-Columbia campus noon-2:30 PM on dates cited above. (There is currently no online option.)

Oral exam (1 hour) scheduled individually following the three group exams on dates cited above.

Exams are open to both USC students and the general public.

Info / inquiries, contact Jeff Persels.

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