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The Alliance Française is a worldwide non-profit organization founded in Paris in 1883. It is part of a network of over 1,000 chapters in 133 countries. In the United States, the Alliance Française counts more than 140 locations. The Alliance Française de Columbia is also an independent non-profit organization, which after a few years of inactivity started out on a fresh path in October 2004 and rejoined the fold officially in January 2005.

   The mission of The Alliance is to encourage the study of the French language and the various cultures of French-speaking countries and, more specifically, to foster friendly relations between the French-speaking and American peoples. It has no political or religious affiliation and welcome adults of any age, sex , creed, race, color and national or ethnic origin. We encourage all speakers of French to become members, not just the French. This Alliance prides itself on being all-inclusive. Even if you do not speak French fluently, but you have an interest in, or you can share your knowledge of, certain cultural aspects concerning the French-speaking world, the Alliance is very keen on hearing from you and having you join as a member.

   Sustained participation in all activities and a high membership rate are keys to our continuing success. It is not uncommon to hear comments about the need to have a thriving Alliance in Columbia.

   We are working on getting corporate sponsors. Already Michelin Tire Corporation, Forest Lake Travel, Nelson Mullins and Fabrique Nationale have made a generous contribution to the Alliance. There will no doubt be more sponsors. The heart of the Alliance, however, is its members and we are asking each one of you to join forces with us.

   Thank you for taking the time to read this short newsletter. All of us at the Alliance are looking forward to meeting each of you and to welcome you as a new member.

Jean-Marie Mille


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